Terms and Conditions

Contract & Warranty

Upon arrangement to obtain a puppy from Treasureland Toy Schnauzers, (hereafter known as Seller), Buyer acknowledges agreement in writing to all conditions stated below by signing this contract.  The guarantee in this contract covers ten-days on death due to illness and one-year on life-threatening congenital health problems only!  No other guarantees are given, either expressed or implied.

This guarantee is between the seller and initial buyer only, and becomes null and void if ownership changes.

Seller guarantees that all vaccinations and medications stated on record, supplied by seller, have been administered to the puppy on the recorded dates. Seller does not guarantee size, color or coat quality of puppy at maturity.


  • Buyer must take this puppy to a licensed Veterinarian within three business days of possession.  A copy of the Veterinarian’s findings from this examination must be received by Seller from Buyer within one week of the examination.  Failure to do so will automatically void Seller’s liability regarding this puppy.
  • If death due to illness (not neglect or injury) occurs within ten days from date of possession by Buyer, Buyer must notify Seller within twenty-four hours.  A written affidavit from Buyer’s Veterinarian verifying and describing the illness that resulted in death must be supplied to Seller and this puppy’s microchip must be returned to Seller. At the descretion of the Seller, a refund or replacement puppy of equal value (when one becomes available), will be delivered to the Buyer at Sellers expense.
  • If any life threatening congenital health problems are found within one-year of purchase, Buyer must notify Seller within twenty-four hours.  A written affidavit from Buyer’s Veterinarian verifying and describing the congenital health problem and microchip number must be mailed to seller.  The puppy must also be returned to Seller at Buyer’s expense.  Buyer must sign any and all paperwork necessary to transfer full ownership back to Seller. Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Seller harmless for any and all associated charges incurred by Buyer on this puppy, including, but not limited to, any veterinary charges, shipping charges, and attorneys, fees, etc.
  • Buyer agrees to keep this puppy up-to-date on all vaccinations and dewormings as recommended by a licensed Veterinarian and that failure to do so will automatically void this guarantee.

Buyer agrees that he/she understands this guarantee fully, and that this guarantee is solely under the jurisdiction of the State of Florida, in the County of Putnam.  It is agreed by all parties that the sole place of venue for any and all disputes(s) concerning this transaction shall take place in Putnam County, Florida.

This guarantee is valid only after being signed and dated by both Buyer and Seller.

Signed and agreed to by all parties:

AKC # of Schnauzer:       ________________________________________________

Microchip #                     _________________________________________________

Buyer’s name:                  ________________________________________________

Buyer’s phone number:    ________________________________________________

Buyer’s Email                  :________________________________________________

Buyer’s address:             ________________________________________________

City, State:                      ________________________________________________

Date signed by Buyer:    ________________________________________________

Buyer’s signature:          ________________________________________________

Seller’s Name                 ________________________________________________

Seller’s phone number:   _______________________________________________

Seller’s address:             ________________________________________________

City, State:                      ________________________________________________

Seller’s email address:    ________________________________________________

Seller’s signature:           ________________________________________________

Date signed by Seller:     ________________________________________________

After arrangements have been made to obtain a schnauzer puppy from Treasureland Toy Schnauzers, a copy of this contract must be completed and signed by the Buyer and original mailed to Seller to: PO Box 1087, Hawthorne, FL. 32640.

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